1. Active portfolio management can do more for your portfolio if you’re investing a decent amount of money. Although we believe that for casual investors, passive, low-cost portfolios are best, after a certain point this no longer makes sense and your money can do more for you.
  2. A well-diversified portfolio, comprising low-cost and tax-efficient ETFs is a smart choice for long-term growth. Owning individual stocks is fine, but we believe that they’re better suited for your “fun account“.
  3. Machine learning and automation are ideal tools for active portfolio management: data-driven, no emotional decisions, cost-efficient, and fully transparent.
  4. Time in the market beats timing the market. While tempting, we don’t attempt to make stock price predictions or try outsmart the market. We believe that markets are highly efficient and that investing for long-term growth using time-tested strategies is the most prudent choice for investors.
How it works

I’m sold. How do I invest?


We get to know you

We ask you a couple of questions so that we can generate a fully diversified portfolio, tailored to your unique goals and risk tolerance.


You fund your account

Once we have opened your account, we invite you to wire funds, so that we can deploy your investment strategy and put your money to work.


The Machine does its magic

We put your money to work automatically: the Machine finds opportunities to generate Algorithic Dividends, shields you from market swings, and rebalances your portfolio as situations change.