Most common questions

How much does AgentRisk charge for its service? What does the fee include? AgentRisk charges a monthly advisory fee based on an annual fee rate of 1% which includes trading and inactivity fees. The only other fee you incur is the very low fee embedded in the cost of the ETFs you will own that averages 0.12%.

Are there exit fees due or a lockdown period if I choose to close my AgentRisk account? There are no exit fees or a lockdown period imposed. You can close your AgentRisk account anytime, no strings attached.

What is the minimum amount required to invest with AgentRisk? Our account minimum is $100,000, which entitles you to an actively managed, diversified portfolio of low cost index funds enhanced with our proprietary option overlay and tax-loss harvesting strategies.

What types of accounts does AgentRisk currently support? Agentrisk currently supports taxable investment accounts including individual, joint and trust accounts.

Are there custodial fees associated with accounts? No, there are no fees associated with the Interactive Brokers that we automatically create for you.

Will I need to incur any trading commissions? You will not need to pay any commissions on trades made on your behalf by AgentRisk.

How do you collect fees? Our fees are automatically collected every month directly from your custodial account by Interactive Brokers.

Can I transfer a portion of an existing brokerage account to AgentRisk? Yes you can transfer all or part of your account from most brokerage firms, through a fully electronic process. Please contact for more details.

Information about your portfolio and the strategy applied to it.

What happens to my portfolio if my financial circumstances change? Our portfolios and strategies are dynamic. Simply update your profile and your portfolio will automatically be adapted to your new needs.

Can I choose which assets I want my portfolio to include? All our portfolios and strategies are meticulously designed and calculated so that you won’t have to brainstorm which assets to invest in. Our A.I. does all the hard work and does it well! Just take a look at our historical returns.

Can I see what my portfolio is comprised of and which strategy is applied to it? Yes! Simply log into your AgentRisk account, all the information will be available to you via your dashboard.

I am not happy with the strategy that is applied to my account, can I change it? If there are any changes in your financial profile, goals or risk appetite please contact us at and we will make sure that the correct strategy is applied to your portfolio.

Is my portfolio really unique and tailored to my needs? Yes! We create a unique portfolio for each new customer, based on several factors. To put it simply, no two client portoflios are the same, no matter how many clients we have.

Will you offer new strategies in the future? We are always working on creating more strategies and on improving our service. Whenever we have new features we will update our website accordingly.

Where can I read more about your strategies? If you wish to find out more about our strategies contact us at or schedule a call with us, we will be happy to get into more detail.

What you can see and change on your dashboard.

How can I see my portfolio analysis and returns? You can check all your portfolio details anytime via our website or mobile app. Your portfolio’s performance and breakdown are updated daily and clearly presented to offer you a full overview in a glance.

How often will my portfolio be updated? AgentRisk typically readjusts portfolios every month and whenever circumstances like elections, market volatility or changes in your financial profiles call for an update!

How can I change my login details? If you wish to reset your password please click here and follow the instructions you will receive on the email address associated with your AgentRisk account.

I have questions about my Interactive Brokers account dashboard If you have any questions regarding your Interactive Brokers account and dashboard, please contact Interactive Brokers on the contact details mentioned on their website. Kindly note that we do not have access to your Interactive Brokers account.

Is my portfolio really unique and tailored to my needs? Yes! We create a unique portfolio for each new customer, based on several factors. To put it simply, no two client portoflios are the same, no matter how many clients we have.

How can I update my profile? If there are any changes in your financial profile, goals or risk appetite please contact us at

How can I see which strategy is applied to my portfolio? Simply log into your dashboard for an easy view of your portfolio details, including which strategy is currently applied to it.

Helpful info regarding our account creation process.

How do I fund my account? All available methods of deposit can be found on the Interactive Brokers website here.

Who will have custody of my funds? "The custodian of your funds will be Interactive Brokers, one of the most trusted and established brokerage firms in the world, rated Top Online Broker for the Sixth Consecutive Year by Barron’s 2016. In accordance with SEC rules (particularly 15c3-3, the “Client Protection Rule”), Interactive Brokers protects client assets by segregating them and ensuring that they are not used for any other purpose, including loans to investors or institutions, corporate investment purposes, or corporate spending. Regulators and independent auditors periodically review IB financial records to ensure clients’ assets are accurately tracked and held separately from the firm’s own holdings. It could be a civil and/or criminal violation if an investor’s assets were inappropriately commingled."

What is the account opening process? Once you sign up for an account with AgentRisk, you will need to fill in our a KYC questionnaire, with information regarding your financials, job etc. This is mandatory and the information will be used by both AgentRisk and Interactive Brokers. As soon as you provide us with all the required information, we will automatically submit an account creation request to Interactive Brokers, who will keep custody of the assets you wish us to manage. When the account request is approved by Interactive Bokers and your account is funded, we will start allocating your assets! Kindly note that in the event Interactive Brokers decline your account creation request, we will not be able to offer you our services.

How do I access my Interactive Brokers account? Can I login with my AgentRisk account login details? No, your Interactive Brokers account is completely independent from AgentRisk. As soon as your Interactive Brokers account is approved, we will send you an email with your login credentials.


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