Algorithmic Dividends ™

We use assets that sit idle in your portfolio to unlock potential for additional returns, by automatically deploying complex options strategies. Since inception, we’ve generated our customers an average 2.1% of additional returns per asset (net of fees) in the form of Algorithmic Dividends. Please read our disclosure for more details.

AgentRisk Shield Coming soon

One of the ways that we offer downside protection for our customers’ portfolios is by leveraging option strategies and complex algorithms from hedge funds. Depending on your risk profile, this is enabled automatically to counter high market volatility. However, we allow every customer to turn on this feature anytime with just one click.

AgentRisk Boost Coming soon

We leverage advanced investment techniques used by hedge funds to unlock even higher returns in their portfolio. This feature is only available to high risk profile customers and requires a $500K account minimum.

1-day liquidation

We don’t believe in long lock-up periods. You always have access to your money whenever you want. We liquidate your assets in one day, no questions asked (subject to broker and market restrictions).

Tax-optimized portfolios

Taxes can have a significant impact on the long-term performance of your investments. Our algorithms maximize your tax-adjusted returns in two ways: with smart asset allocation in your portfolio (we use municipal bonds, which offer tax-exempt income) and with automatic tax-loss harvesting (we sell assets that went down to offset capital gains and buy a similar asset at that lower price).

How it works

I’m sold. How do I invest?


We get to know you

We ask you a couple of questions so that we can generate a fully diversified portfolio, tailored to your unique goals and risk tolerance.


You fund your account

Once we have opened your account, we invite you to wire funds, so that we can deploy your investment strategy and put your money to work.


The Machine does its magic

We put your money to work automatically: the Machine finds opportunities to generate Algorithic Dividends, shields you from market swings, and rebalances your portfolio as situations change.