AgentRisk Wealth Managers
Active Management Active Management using Machine Learning No active management (unless fees 2%+)
Strategies Machine learning powered strategies for better returns No strategies
Liquidation 1-day liquidation, no questions asked Liquidation can take up to a week
Funds Using ETFs with the lowest fees Often using mutual funds with high fees
Fees 1.0% yearly flat fees for AUM 1.2% average fee
How it works

I’m sold. How do I invest?


We get to know you

We ask you a couple of questions so that we can generate a fully diversified portfolio, tailored to your unique goals and risk tolerance.


You fund your account

Once we have opened your account, we invite you to wire funds, so that we can deploy your investment strategy and put your money to work.


The Machine does its magic

We put your money to work automatically: the Machine finds opportunities to generate Algorithic Dividends, shields you from market swings, and rebalances your portfolio as situations change.