After I sold my previous big data company to Splunk, I ended up with a decent amount of cash and new stocks. As a consequence, this meant that my investment needs had dramatically changed. A good problem to have, but a problem nonetheless. I browsed the market for solutions but nothing clicked.

Traditional wealth managers lacked the data-driven approach and transparency that are common in modern fintech products. On the other hand, existing robo-advisors didn’t offer the advanced features that I was looking for. I knew my investments could benefit from active portfolio management.

I already had a lot of experience building algo-trading systems in Python and R, so I decided to create my ideal product. The game plan: combine Nobel Prize-winning investment theories and time-tested quantitative strategies with machine learning and see how it goes.

As I became happy with the performance and the stability, I invited some fellow entrepreneurs to try out the product. It turns out, they also faced the same challenges. Many of them are unaware of the benefits of active portfolio management. And oftentimes they overpay wealth managers for simple portfolios with zero transparency.

That’s why I decided to put together a team that I trust and start my fourth company, helping people manage their hard-earned money.

Join the most advanced Wealth Management product, driven by Machine Learning and active management strategies, built by a team of successful entrepreneurs, and fueled by tons of math and data.

Co-founder and CEO of AgentRisk

Meet the team

Jon Vlachogiannis

Co-founder and CEO

Jon founded his third company (Bugsense) with just $100K, drove it to profitability, and made it the largest in the Mobile Big Data space. In only two years, he sold Bugsense to a public company (SPLK), giving a double-digit return to the investors. Jon holds a number of patents in distributed real-time databases.

He applied algorithms in soccer and automated arbitrage strategies on the Betfair platform in 2008. He then moved to algotrading currencies in 2013 and open-sourced and documented his system in 2016. He was the first to deploy statistical arbitrage on the Ethereum blockchain.

Jon is a registered financial advisor for Entrepreneurs and high net worth individuals for the last four years.

Alex Loukissas

Co-founder and CTO

Alex has over 12 years of experience in distributed systems. He was in the founding engineering team at Maginatics (acquired by EMC), who shipped a v1.0 enterprise cloud storage product.

At an earlier life, he was in the Cisco Research team, working on Connected Vehicles, Cloud Computing, and Software-Defined Networks. He also holds a SIGCOMM Test of Time award for a paper on Data Center Architectures he co-authored while at UC San Diego.

At AgentRisk, Alex is the Head of Product, while also owning a big chunk of the technology stack, from the backend to the frontend. He is also a FINRA registered investment advisor.

Rania Langouretou

Chief Compliance Officer

Rania started her career 12 years ago as a computer engineer specialized in networks and has been continuously growing her skills ever since. Working for large corporations as well as successful startups, she has gained knowledge and experience in different fields including customer support, account management, sales, copywriting, user experience and marketing.

In 2016 she started working in compliance, gaining an advanced degree in Financial Services Legal Framework.

At AgentRisk, Rania is the Chief Compliance Officer, making sure the company’s practices are lawful, transparent, and most of all, protective of our clients.

Maria Nasioti

VP of User Experience

Maria has 9+ years of experience in UX Design. She is a web enthusiast and finds great interest in mobile, dashboard, and visualizations design. Currently she’s passionate about visualizations and analytics, as well as photography and climbing. Previously, she was part of the founding team at Bugsense, a mobile data collection and analytics company that was acquired by a public company (SPLK).

Carlos Lage

Lead Engineer

Carlos has 11+ years experience as a Software Engineer. After finishing his degree in Computer Science while working full-time, he lived in New York City for 5+ years, where he further developed his skills and gained experience in a multitude of projects. He has enthusiastically contributed to multiple open source projects and initiatives, and even wrote the first native JSON library for Elixir. Besides programming, he loves photography and skiing.

Niko Maroulis

Technical Advisor

Niko has a track record of successfully designing and developing complex & highly available services at scale. Previously, he was part of the founding team at Bugsense, a mobile data collection and analytics company that was acquired by a public company (SPLK). Bugsense was receiving traffic from ~400M devices and was providing real-time insights to Fortune 500 companies. He co-founded AgentRisk to modernize the way people invest their money.

Adam Nicolopoulos

Strategy Advisor

Adam brings to the team 25+ years of international investment banking and corporate finance experience, financial strategy, risk management, and critical thinking. Adam founded ADN Capital Ventures 11 years ago, to provide strategic financial consultancy services to a wealth of clients seeking to development and financial critical infrastructure and energy/sustainability projects. He originates, executes and has closed dozens of complex equity and debt finance transactions with a total value of over $3 Billion.

Earlier, Adam spent about 16 years with UBS Warburg in New York City, Zurich, London, and San Francisco. He headed and built UBS’s transport infrastructure team for emerging markets where the impact of such infrastructure works was significant to the communities served. His projects are recipients of two international Deal of Year Awards for financial innovation. He has been a Visiting Scholar as Stanford University (4 years) and guest lecturer there. He has spoken at over 50 US and international conferences on finance and investments in energy, infrastructure and related topics.